Why Do I Need A Pillow Between My Knees

Why Do I Need A Pillow Between My Knees?

After toiling all day long, nothing feels as great as sleeping on a comfy bed. After all, who doesn’t want a sound sleep?

But, if the neck and back pain start to trouble you while you sleep, it becomes a nightmare for you. So, you need to correct your posture with a pillow under your knees.

But, why do I need a pillow between my knees? Let’s find out the answer below.

Why Do I Need A Pillow Between My Knees? [Pro Guide]

Take a look at the benefits that the sleeping position with pillow between knees provides.

Lessens Spine, Neck, And Muscle Pain

If you put a pillow between your knees while you sleep, it will limit the strain on your spine as well as the neck. Therefore, you will be relieved from the spinal pain.

Similarly, this will also reduce your muscle pain as it offers comfort to the muscle of your calves and thighs.

Eases And Removes Pressure And Muscle Tension

When you lay on your side which usually keeps the knees together, it causes the hip to be out of alignment resulting in muscle tension in your lower back. Therefore, this pressure causes suffering and pain to the body.

So, if you place a pillow between your legs it can help lessen the muscle tension providing you a comfortable sleep.

Improves Blood Circulation

Some people often wake up from sleep with a numb arm or numb legs. However, this happens mainly because of poor blood circulation.

Therefore, placing a pillow between knees will assist to enable the blood flow through the vena cava, which is a large vein that carries blood to the heart and other body parts.

Improves blood circulation

Stops The Hip From Rotating

Putting a pillow between the legs not only prevents the hips from rotating but also keeps them in an aligned position. Thus, it averts the ligaments in your hips from being injured and soothes pressure on your lower hip.

Alleviates Lower Back Pain, Muscle Cramps, And Sciatica

Lower back pain is a common issue for a lot of people. And an awkward position of sleeping causes this type of trouble as well as muscle cramps.

So, if you put a pillow under your legs it will ease your pain, also will reduce pressure on sciatic nerves.

Helps People With Breathing Abnormality

Those people who suffer from sleep apnoea, get benefit by putting the pillow under their legs. Because this sleeping position makes their airways more stable overcoming their breathing abnormalities.

Moreover, it also aligns the spine and unlocks airways giving a comfortable sleep.

Helps people with breathing abnormality

Enhances Sleep For Pregnant Women

It’s a challenging task for pregnant women to sleep comfortably. But, placing a pillow between the knees offers better posture, supports the muscle providing a relaxing night’s sleep to the pregnant ladies.


So, I hope after knowing all the advantages that a pillow under the legs provides, you will find a pleasant sleep. I suppose you have no doubt on, why do I need a pillow between my knees? So, why wait anymore while you can now enjoy a good night’s sleep!

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