Best Waterproof Pillow Protector

Top 10 Best Waterproof Pillow Protectors Of 2021

Most people think of a pillowcase when it’s about covering the pillow. However, a pillow protector is indeed the solution to retain your pillow’s condition.

A waterproof option provides the maximum benefits against your investment. But the market is offering lots of options to give you a headache on purchase.

Why don’t just eliminate the worthless ones to save your overall effort? That’s right, we would like you to dig the best waterproof pillow protectors only.

Here, in this article, we have a top 10 best waterproof pillow protector reviews for you. And surely, from our list,  you can select the perfect waterproof pillow protector for your use.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Pillow Protector Reviews & Buying Guide

Not every protector remains equal, considering all the essential aspects. Still, our experts managed to enlist the following options to cover the overall requirements.

Start scrolling to reveal the absolute best waterproof pillow cover towards satisfaction.

Niagara Sleep Solution Waterproof Bamboo Pillow Protectors

Niagara Sleep Solution Waterproof Bamboo Pillow Protectors

About This Item:

BrandNiagara Sleep Solution
Closure TypeZipper

Failed to obtain any good result from cotton or polyester protectors? Well, premium rayon derived from bamboo integrate softness with satisfactory specs.

Complete zippered encasement prevents saliva, liquid, perspiration & stains. The king-size (36” x 20”) remains silky soft with a higher thread count. Its ultra-plush knitting imparts good breathability, retaining exact temp change with seasons.

Also, absolute waterproofness prevails to keep your pillow secure all along. You can perform machine washing at a suitable temperature setting without issues.


  • Highest quality raw materials
  • Premium zippered encasement
  • Simple maintenance cleanups
  • All-natural feel on every touch


  • Traps excessive air inside

Utopia Bedding Waterproof Zippered Pillow Encasement

Utopia Bedding Waterproof Zippered Pillow Encasement

About This Item:

BrandUtopia Bedding
MaterialPolyester Knitted Jersey Fabric
Fabric Type100% Polyester

The packed duo features 100% polyester from high-quality raw materials. Also, you’re to choose from three different colors – white, grey & navy blue.

The queen-sized protective jersey measures 28” x 20” to deliver sufficient surface. Featured PVC TPU coating on sides ensures complete waterproofness.

Durable zip comes with double-hemmed stitching to keep the pillow intact. Tumble drying to follow a machine wash should suffice its maintenance.


  • Non-intrusive zippered design
  • Superb ventilation with no spills
  • Precise tailoring for endurance
  • Natural absorbance of moisture


  • Somewhat loud in use

Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow Protectors

Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow Protectors

About This Item:

BrandEverlasting Comfort Store
Item Weight11.4 ounces
Product Dimensions21 x 27 x 0.03 inches

It’s one pack to get you either 2 or 4 protectors on choice. And you’re having a standard size to measure 27” x 21” for uses.

The full encasement cover keeps the entire pillow intact from exterior intrusions. No spillage or bodily fluid can penetrate the solid yet breathable design. And you can definitely say goodbye to sneezing from your sleeping sessions.

Hypoallergenic membrane lets you sleep without. interruption. Simple machine wash should retain the original cleanliness.


  • Easy cleaning with dryer safety
  • High-quality zippered enclosure
  • Unique, thin, steady membrane
  • Superior resistance to irritants


  • Surface may feel artificial

Standard Size SureGuard Pillow Protectors

Standard Size SureGuard Pillow Protectors

About This Item:

BrandSureGuard Mattress Protectors
Item Weight14.1 ounces
Product Dimensions27 x 21 x 0.1 inches

Premium cotton design comes in 5 different sizes to satisfy your needs. Smooth cotton features full waterproofness to prevent saliva, perspiration, liquids, or stains.

Its super-fine zipper integrates Invisi-Zip tech to seal the pillow. No more bed bugs under the cover to irritate your skin during sleep. Excellent softness checks minimal noise or air entrapment on use.

Hypoallergenic surface retains cleanliness & freshness over excessive use. Meanwhile, its special moisture-wicking spec should restore a highly breathable feeling.


  • Complete protection from bugs.
  • No intrusion of irritating particles.
  • Natural feel with great softness.
  • Simple cleaning for maintenance.


  • Heavy smell from fresh cover.

CALM NITE Pillow Protector – Waterproof Zippered Case

CALM NITE Pillow Protector – Waterproof Zippered Case

About This Item:

SizeStandard 2 pack
Fabric TypePolyester
Item Firmness DescriptionExtra Soft

It’s another duo to have standard dimensions to meet your demands. However, high-quality polyester initiates exceptional softness for your sleeping surface.

Its ultra-plush knit has a higher thread count to deliver a silky feel. There comes an additional 1mm thick layer to ensure extremely durable waterproofness.

Breathable membrane repels liquids, dirt, irritants without blocking the heat circulation. Tumble/air-drying action follows machine wash to retain cleanliness.


  • Great breathability all night long.
  • Steady cleanliness with cleanups.
  • Zippered enclosure for protection.
  • No toxic chemical contamination.


  • Slow deflation on initial stage.

Guardmax Waterproof Pillow Protectors Standard Zippered Proof

Guardmax Waterproof Pillow Protectors Standard Zippered Proof

About This Item:

SizeStandard Set of 4
BrandGuardmax Store
Item Weight1.01 pounds
Package Dimensions9.09 x 6.22 x 3.54 inches

Time to enjoy your sleep without letting the bed bugs interrupt. The 4-unit pack comes in standard size (26” x 20”) to accompany your relaxation.

100% waterproofness on individual sides can seal out anything liquid or solid. Still, the stretchy fabric is smooth & breathable to keep your head cool.

Its ultra-plush material comes without cracking, loud noise, or crinkling. And simple machine wash is sure to restore the original cleanliness at once.


  • Resistance to irritating debris.
  • Soft fabric without cracks/tears.
  • Great breathability for cooling.
  • Super-fine zipper encasement.


  • Not exactly soft on arrival.

HOSPITOLOGY PRODUCTS Zippered Pillow Encasement

HOSPITOLOGY PRODUCTS Zippered Pillow Encasement

About This Item:

Item Weight 4 ounces
Package Dimensions20 x 26 x 1 inches

Let the extra-soft polyester secure a sound sleep without any interruption. The special design stands to prevent any kind of liquid penetration on use.

Standard size (26” x 20”) completely seals the pillow from outdoor intrusion. However, the knitted fabric remains cool, dry & comfortable through consistent circulation.

Also, the underlying waterproof membrane retains no heat on prolonged uses. Simple machine wash with tumble dry will keep out the stains or spills.


  • Retention of exact cleanliness.
  • Durable zippered encasement.
  • Extremely soft polyester fabric.
  • Least intrusion of bodily fluids.


  • Not perfect on down pillows.

ComfiLife 100% Waterproof Pillow Protectors

ComfiLife 100% Waterproof Pillow Protectors

About This Item:

Item Weight 8.8 ounces
Package Dimensions10.79 x 8.23 x 1.26 inches

Luxurious Tencel surface stands at your service to ensure maximum sleeping comfort. The all-natural product surpasses cotton in terms of softness, durability & cooling.

And the underlying breathable membrane initiates a consistent air circulation. Integration of Eco-Soft technology promotes the soothing effect for the noiseless design.

Resistance to water also accompanies minimal intrusion of feathers or allergens. The zippered casing can undergo simple machine washing to retain fresh originality.


  • Confirmed hour-long waterproofness.
  • Exceptionally functional Tencel specs.
  • Maximum breathability without heat.
  • Pleasant, soothing, comfortable feel.


  • Slight noise from trapped air.

SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Zippered Pillow Protector

SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Zippered Pillow Protector

About This Item:

Fabric TypePremium Cotton Terry

How about premium cotton terry to save the late-night sleeping interruption? The supportive cover seems a great option to hold pets, kids, asthma, allergy, or eczema.

Its hypoallergenic exterior simply protects against dust mites, perspirations, bed bugs, allergens, fluids. And the membrane coating on its back ensures absolute waterproofness. It directly takes part in reducing noise effects as well as good breathability.

You can have the zippered protector in three sizes – standard, king & queen. Simple household cleaning should restore the cover cleanliness to contain no harmful chemicals.


  • Cutting edge micro-zipper tech.
  • Special waterproofing measure.
  • Excellent for nasal issue patients.
  • Superb moisture absorbing rate.


  • Exterior fabric appears fuzzy.

Four Seasons Essentials Waterproof King Pillow Protectors

Four Seasons Essentials Waterproof King Pillow Protectors

About This Item:

BrandFour Seasons Essentials
Item Weight 8 ounces
Package Dimensions8 x 8 x 2 inches

Secure easy breathing in your sleep to stay healthy without any problem. The stretchable fabric integrates superb soothing, comfort, and breathability for service.

Likewise, the king-sized cover (37” x 21”) keeps contaminants, allergens & liquids. A polyurethane inner lining enables maximum waterproofness to seal the opening.

The intended polyester won’t have any cracks, tears, or crinkles over time. Standard cleaning suffices the maintenance requirement of this noiseless protective design.


  • Durable polyester on exterior.
  • No shrinkage from cleaning.
  • Full protection from allergens.
  • Absolute blocking of intrusion.


  • Sounds after months of use.

Top Pick

It’s indeed a difficult task to announce a specific one from the best options. But Utopia Bedding manages to outmatch others in the list for several reasons.

The pillow protector jersey integrates the necessary features to encase your pillow. And you’re free to choose different colors of specific sizes for further convenience. The double-unit set of polyester checks maximum sealing to prevent interrupting intrusions.

Also, its PVC TPU coating under the surface defines the absolute waterproofness. Softness, comfort, breathability – everything seems exceptionally supportive.

Best Budget

However, a somewhat tight budget may not suffice a luxury more often. Still, you should consider Niagara Sleep Solution to satisfy your requirements.

The single-unit pack actually stands different from others regarding the material. In fact, it’s impossible to manage an affordable bamboo-derived rayon cover. However, the brand lets you skip traditional polyester/cotton for something more up-to-date.

Breathable cooling, absorbing softness, and silky feel give you a pleasant sleep at night. Guaranteed support should protect your precious pillow material forever.

Benefits of the Best Waterproof Pillow Protector

Why should you spend your money on a notably expensive waterproof cover? Well, a perfect purchase can encourage your lifestyle with the following advantages.

Least Penetration –

Bodily fluids like sweat or saliva can easily reach the inner pillow. And it eventually becomes a bedding place for microorganisms. The issue becomes more troublesome with kids or pets. But a protective waterproof cover allows no or minimalistic intrusion.

Comfortable Sleep –

Harsh pillow cover or open pillow can cause issues with breathing. And you’ll surely struggle with the heated surface after hours of use. But a standard protector features high breathability. Constant air circulation lets you feel comfortable for the entire night.

No Contamination –

You can’t think of any worse way to start the day with an allergic reaction. Low-quality cover or the pillow itself often ends up catching allergens. But no need to worry with a supportive cover. The surface won’t allow anything problematic by any means.

Seasonal Support –

It’s rather common to feel extremely hot on the head during summer. And the feeling turns into the shivering cold in winter. However, a protector should resolve your sensitivity with seasons. Of course, minimal retention of heat may give slight initial discomfort.

What to Look for while Buying the Best Waterproof Pillow Protector?

Is it all about water-repelling characters regarding waterproof protectors? Obviously, the answer remains a definite no with several interdependent factors. Keep going to know the essential points to find the ultimate purchase.


There’s no way to appreciate a least or compromised waterproofness for the product. In fact, the purchase becomes totally meaningless without 100% repelling spec. The exterior’s back should contain a thin polymer layer to prevent liquids.

Primary Material

Majority of the available protectors have either cotton or polyester with polymer lining. You may find several other options while exceeding the budget. However, you should consider the preferred materials to the extent of the acceptable options.


Nobody wants to suffocate in their sleep just because of poor protector breathability. Therefore, you need to reveal the overall circulation of air through the surface. Special surface mechanism allows the sealed cover to release the induced heat.


There are many different sizes to consider depending on the model or brand. But only three dimensions hold universal acceptance – standard, king, queen. You must evaluate the sleeping needs regarding available space alongside your comfort.

Zipper Quality

When it comes to zippers on a cover, you may not expect any good. However, high-quality protector brands integrate ultra-fine zippering options. Apart from durability/strength, the opening blocks any possible entrance for microbials.


No matter what, the exterior will eventually become dirty on application. Machine washing remains the universal solution to deal with almost any protector material. But you must confirm the drying method to avoid accidental distortion.


Almost everybody to use pillow protectors has to encounter either air entrapment or noise. And a combination of both makes your pillow a sounding balloon. You better explore the customer feedback on your preferred choices for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Are waterproof protectors always waterproof?

Answer: Well, the answer should be yes. However, excessive liquid/chemicals may affect the protective layer. And your cover may not remain 100% waterproof anymore.

Question: Which one is better – polyester or cotton protector?

Answer: Polyester is readily available due to its artificial production. Natural cotton is always better if it’s 100% genuine. Otherwise, the result counts almost the same.

Question: How long should a waterproof protector stay waterproof?

Answer: It’s a difficult question to answer without knowing the applications. Careless use or poor maintenance may deteriorate the waterproofness soon enough.

Question: Can I check manual cleanup instead of machine washing?

Answer: Of course, you’re free to clean the protector by manual means. You need to keep the cleanup mild. But don’t scrub too hard or use strong detergent for the job.


Useless pillowcases or protectors will do nothing but add to your cost. But any of the aforementioned choices should save you from the slightest negativity.

All the products we have mentioned here are proved to be very effective. But never forget to go through the buying guide before choosing one for you. 

Match your specs with the best waterproof pillow protector to enjoy a sound sleep.

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