Best Pillow for Military Neck

The 10 Best Pillows for Military Neck

Are you suffering from the military neck? Well, only not a few people go through from the military neck issue which is also called cervical kyphosis. Although this problem always doesn’t cause any neck pain still, it has many health problems associated with it.

So, in order to correct your military neck, one of the processes is choosing the right kind of pillow. But you can find many types of pillows out there in the market which is really confusing. Hence, don’t worry, as we are here to offer you the best pillow for military neck.

Therefore, have some patience to know more about the pillows and read through the whole article.





Check Price

Purefly Inflatable Neck Support Pillow


240 Grams

REARAND Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Neck Pain Relief


4.58 Ounces

MLVOC Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow

13.7 ounces


1 Pounds

Crafty World

0.71 Pounds

Top 10 Best Pillows for Military Neck Reviews & Buying Guide

To restore the natural curve of your neck and get rid of the military neck, it is advisable that you choose the perfect and right kind of pillow. Because only then you will have the proper support for your neck.

So, among the tons of choices from the market, it has become a tricky job. Therefore, check out our top suggestions about the 10 best pillows for military neck reviews in order to have one.

1. Purefly Inflatable Neck Support Pillow

Product information

Item Weight240 Grams
Item Dimensions LxWxH11.81 x 11.02 x 5.51 inches

This neck pillow from Purefly can provide you the best support if you have a military neck. Because it can inflate according to your comfort with just pressing a button repeatedly. Also, you can deflate it with the ABS valve.

It comes with a scientific design that can properly hold your head as well as provide you with suitable neck adjustment. As a result, it will not only improve your posture but also will relieve you from muscle tensions of the neck and shoulder.

However, this pillow comes with a removable and soft crystal velvet cover which is breathable and easy to wash and clean. Also, it’s very skin-friendly and lightweight.

What’s more is, this pillow has a great compact packsack that can easily keep the pillow when it’s deflated and folded. Hence, this feature makes the pillow a great companion while traveling.


  • Easy inflation and deflation with just a button
  • The ergonomic and systematic design
  • High-quality comfy velvet cover
  • Effortless portability with the packsack
  • Trouble-free washing of the cover


  • The integrated pump might stop functioning

2. RESTCLOUD Neck and Shoulder Relaxer

Product information


The RESTCLOUD neck and shoulder relaxer is really great for pain relief and spinal alignment. It can not only restore cervical curvature but also relaxes the muscle.

However, the v-shaped relaxer has both concave and convex structures so that it can offer enough stretch to the cervical spine and gentle traction to get the job done. There are 6 massage nodes that can kindly massage your muscles and provide you with comfort.

To offer support, it has an elastic c-shaped opening that can deform according to your shape. Moreover, this relaxer offers a very fast pain relief within 10 minutes of time. You can also use this relaxer as your regular pillow.


  • Quick relief from neck pain
  • Proper firmness with soft foam
  • Massage nodes can relax muscles
  • Certified by the SGS agency
  • Ergonomically designed with v-shaped curvature


  • There might be some mild odor

3. REARAND Neck and Shoulder Relaxer Neck Pain Relief

Product information

MaterialPolypropylenePS (Non-toxic,environment-friendly, BPA free)
Item Weight4.58 Ounces
Item Dimensions LxWxH10.2 x 6.5 x 5.5 inches

The REARAND relaxer can be a significant solution to relieve you from your neck and shoulder pain. It offers a gentle stretch to the muscle as well as alleviates shoulder aches that you will feel at ease and comfort after a long tiring day.

However, you can use it in many ways to support your neck, whether while working or just relaxing in your house. Also, the pillow is sure to run in the long way as it’s made of premium-grade foam. What’s more, it’s so light in weight that you can carry it around everywhere.

Moreover, those people who are concerned about nature can undoubtedly rely on this environment-friendly pillow, because it is not only toxin-free but also BPA-free too. And this pillow is used in various types of treatment as well.


  • Free from toxic materials like BPA
  • Lightweight and portability of the pillow
  • Fast relaxation functioning
  • The superior quality foam material
  • Excellent support and alleviation to the neck as well as head


  • The foam is less comfy

4. MLVOC Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Product information

MaterialMemory foam
Item Dimensions LxWxH11 x 9.2 x 5.9 inches
Product Care InstructionsMachine Wash

The MLVOC neck pillow is another convenient pillow with a perfect curved design to adjust with your contoured shape of neck and shoulder. It’s made of high-quality pure memory foam which is sure to relieve you from your hurtful pressure points.

Moreover, it has an adaptable rope lock to allow you to customize your angle. And you will definitely love the removable cover which is made from breathable and sweat-resistant soft fabric.

Lastly, its travel bag has made it a perfect company for the trips as the pillow can be compressed down to half of its size. Also, to save your luggage space it has a snap strap that can easily be attached to the baggage.


  • Premium quality memory foam
  • Adjustable with any neck size
  • Breathable and sweat-proof cover
  • Effortlessly washable with machine
  • Lightweight and compact travel-bag


  • Less-support for long-neck

5. Dot & Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow for Neck

Product information

MaterialMemory Foam with Cotton Cover
Item Weight1 Pounds
Product Care InstructionsMachine Wash

Made with memory foam the Dot & Dot pillow can provide you with the ultimate support to your neck, head, shoulder, and even cervical spine. It can be adjusted to almost every shape to ease your pain.

 It includes a detachable cotton cover that can be easily washable with the machine and is breathable too. Moreover, the snap closure of this Pillow makes it a portable one as well.

What’s more, you can effortlessly bend the Pillow to suit your required shape and rest your neck, back, or legs. And you can literally take it everywhere with you.


  • Customizable support following any neck shape
  • Versatile use even for the head, spine, back, and shoulder
  • Great portability with snap closure
  • Breathable and comfortable cotton cover
  • Trouble-free cleaning with removable cover


  • The bendable inner metal might make you feel irritating

6. Mwellewm Chiropractic Pillow

Product information

MaterialPolyester & Polyester Blend
Item Dimensions LxWxH15.2 x 9 x 6.1 inches

If you often suffer from awful neck soreness, then the Mwellewm chiropractic pillow might be just right for you. It can be used to treat a variety of problems like migraines, arthritis, stiff neck, neck, and shoulder aches, etc. Also, it will relieve you from stress and make you feel relaxed as well as comfortable.

 However, it includes six trigger points that can simulate the massage as fingers do. These points can gently release pressure and tension of the muscles providing relaxation.

Besides, the versatility and scientific design have made it more attractive to use. And its standard quality silicone construction makes it a durable one.


  • Improves chronic neck and back pain
  • Exclusive grade silicon material
  • Great balance with 4-foot pads
  • Systematic and ergonomic design
  • Fast relaxation with 6 trigger point technology


  • Silicone balls can be felt a little hard

7. Sweethome Jane Neck Pillow

Product information

MaterialMemory foam

With an ergonomic design, the Sweethome Jane neck pillow is specially made to cure the spinal posture of the human neck. This therapeutic pillow is also suitable for supporting the head and shoulder and provides comfortable sleep too.

Anyway, the memory foam is perfectly balanced with firmness and softness to meet your required support. What’s more, it’s free from allergens and toxins as well.

It includes a velvet pillowcase that can be removed with the zipper feature and easily washable to keep it clean and healthy. In addition, this pillow is also great for lashing, providing enough lash support with the back edge.


  • Hypoallergenic as well as non-toxic
  • The velvet cover is soft and removable
  • Premium quality eco-friendly memory foam
  • The perfect balance of firmness and softness
  • The unique scientific curve for proper support


  • Less stability and not good enough for lashing

8. Crafty World Neck Pillow

Product information

BrandCrafty World
ColorDark Grey
MaterialMemory foam
Item Weight0.71 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH10.1 x 3.5 x 9.9 inches

To experience great comfort even while traveling around, you can deniably rely on this neck pillow from Crafty World. This pillow is scientifically examined to be well suited for treating neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Besides, you can use it everywhere including in your home, office, driving, or working to have comfort and support for your neck. And you will definitely love the removable cover of this pillow which has a soft touch and breathability.

 What’s attractive is, its memory foam is thermo-sensitive too to relieve you from sore and stiff neck pain. And it’s greatly portable to carry around as it has an elastic strap that is effortlessly attachable to the luggage or baggage.


  • Greatly transportable to everywhere
  • Soft-touch detachable cover
  • Relaxing and comfortable nap even while traveling
  • Relieves from neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • Effortless to clean and care


  • The seam might split after some time

9. Maywind Bed Neck Pillow

Product information

Fill MaterialPolyethylene
Fabric Type100% Polyester
Item Firmness DescriptionMedium

Specially designed for different types of sleepers, the Maywind neck pillow is great for improving the cervical neck as regular pillows. Its perfectly contoured shape can adjust people of any size to offer the correct support.

However, the filling pipes of the pillow are made of polyethylene material which is toxin-free, odorless, as well as hypoallergenic. So, it’s an ideal pillow for those who suffer from respiratory diseases.

Besides, the pillow can be adjusted to people of any height so that you can experience perfect firmness with comfort. Moreover, the pipe filling is not only machine washable but also sweat-resistant too which increases its convenience more.


  • Free from odor, toxins, mold, dust, and mites
  • High-quality polyethylene filling material
  • Breathable and washable with machine
  • Perfectly fitted to the contoured shape of neck and back
  • Great support for side-sleepers


  • Not suited for high and fluffy pillow lovers

10. Therapeutica Pillow

Product information

Product Care InstructionsMachine Wash

The Therapeutica pillows come in different sizes to be compatible with different body shapes of different ages. It can assist to correct the natural curve of the human neck and provide you a good posture.

This orthopedic pillow is specially designed for treating neck pain, so it’s a bit firmer than other pillows. But, look for the correct sizes before buying because the wrong size might increase your pain instead.

However, the pillow includes a cotton cover which is washable as well. And it’s really suitable for people with respiratory issues as the foam of this pillow is free from allergens and toxins.


  • Foam is free from allergens and toxins
  • Comes in different sizes for different shapes
  • Firm enough for therapeutic advantages
  • Pleasant and comfy polyester/cotton blend cover
  • Great for restoring the natural curve of the neck


  • Offers less comfort

Our Top Pick:

Our top pick is the Purefly Inflatable Neck Support Pillow. This super comfy pillow is scientifically designed to support your neck and correct your posture. Not just that, you can perfectly inflate or deflate the pillow just accordingly to the curve of your military neck to make you feel at ease.

Best Budget:

The RESTCLOUD Neck and Shoulder Relaxer is the best affordable pillow for the military neck. Its massage nodes and the v-shaped curve will surely impress you with comfort that you won’t believe such quality can come at such a cheap rate. So, to get quick relief from neck or back pain this pillow is a great option.

Why Do You Need The Best Pillow For Military Neck?

Pillows play a vital role in enabling a body to recover and rest. It keeps the neck and spine in a line, supports the head, assists the muscle to be relaxed, and relieves neck pain. 

For neck curve correction, seeking the best pillow for the military neck will be the easiest and cheapest method. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Multiple health blessings are provided to the military neck through the pillow. Let’s have a look.

  • Help to regain  natural curvature of the spine
  • Alignment of the spine through a natural way
  • Release pressure in the neck
  • Provide comfort to sensitive nerves 
  • Help to maintain flexibility
  • Provide muscles balance and stability to the neck
  • Support the cervical spine
  • Help to support the head weight
  • Act as a therapeutic pillow or latex functional pillow
  • Assist  to relax the neck muscles

Benefits Of Best Pillow for Military Neck:

Sleeping on a hard pillow can cause neck pain and stiffness, leading to headaches. A military-style pillow is designed to keep your head in a neutral alignment with the spine while you sleep. Some more benefits are-

Improved Sleep

A military neck pillow can provide a variety of benefits, including improved sleep. These pillows have been designed with the specific intention to relieve pain in the neck and head from poor sleeping posture. They are also often engineered to be more durable than other types of pillows so they will last for years. 

Supports Head

It supports your head in any position, eliminating pressure points that cause discomfort. Best of all, these pillows are designed with comfort in mind! 

Reduce Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common ailment that can be caused by sleeping on your side, or even just an awkward position in general. One way to fix this problem is with the use of a pillow for the military neck! These pillows are specially designed to help maintain proper alignment and support when you’re lying down.

What To Look For In The Best Pillow For Military Neck?

Before buying the pillow you must consider some things to solve your problem. Of course, you need to keep those factors in your mind for the utmost comfort. Hence, have a look at the features for finding the best pillow for military neck.


Always look for those pillows that have an adjustable loft to keep your neck as well as head lined up with your spine. Because an unsuitable loft will flex your neck at an unusual angle and cause you pain.

Support level

Check whether the pillow is providing enough support to your neck or not. Because sometimes the cervical pillow might contour the neck in such a way that the neck is left unsupported even if your head is put under the right height.


To enhance the support according to the shape of the head and neck, you might find a variety of ergonomic pillows nowadays. It might come in different curves and shapes. But, no matter what the shape is just choose the one that can actually relieve you from the pain.


Firmness is a major factor in correcting the military neck. And it depends mainly on the weight of your head and the position of your sleep. Much firm pillows can’t handle the pressure points whereas soft ones can’t provide enough support. Hence, look for the right firmness level.

Quality Material

There are so many categories of pillows to meet your needs in the market. They are the memory foam, down, feather, etc. But whatever the material is, check whether they can be washable, high-quality, and durable or not.


If you want to experience the luxury quality and long-term solution to your problem, then you must invest quite a lot for your health. Yet, there are some pillows which you can get at a cheap rate. However, the prices of pillows actually depend on the materials and design. So, the rest is on you.

Pressure relief

To ease your pain, you must release the pressure points of your neck which is only possible with the right pillow. So, check for the proper shape, correct firmness, and size of pillows that can undertake the pressure points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is the military neck curable?

Answer: Yes it is. You can follow physical therapy, neck brace, medications, or undergo surgery.

Question: Is sleeping without a pillow doing any good?

Answer: No. Rather, it increases the stress on the back and neck causing pain.

Question: What is the reason behind the military neck?

Answer: A degenerative disease which is an iatrogenic disorder.

Question: What is straight neck syndrome?

Answer: When the neck is injured, it causes spinal misalignment leading to straight neck syndrome.

Question: Is neck soreness called disability?

Answer: Yes, if you go through serious neck pain.


Nowadays, there are thousands of options available for treating the military neck in the market. But, not all the options suit everyone. So, it’s a tricky job to find the correct fit from these choices.

Hopefully, after going through the whole article now you can choose the best pillow for military neck from our suggestions. You won’t be disappointed with these ones.

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