What Is The Difference Between Down And Feather Pillows

What Is The Difference Between Down And Feather Pillows?

Are you looking to buy some new pillows to experience a more sound sleep? If you are researching them, you might get confused about whether to buy a down or feather pillow.

Definitely, you might want to know, what is the difference between down and feather pillow?

Well, there are some certain things to learn about them. Let’s look into the details.

What is the difference between down and feather pillows?

To buy the right one for yourself, you really should know the difference. So, take a look at them.


Down pillows are usually produced from the downy feathers of geese or ducks. So, it makes down pillow the softest and fluffiest pillow .

On the other hand, feather pillows are made from the wings and back feathers of birds. So, they are not quite as soft as down pillows.


Down pillows provide the least neck and back support because when someone lies on it, it becomes compressed and flattened.

But, as feather pillows are springy they offer adaptable support and resistance than down pillows.

Feel & Comfort

Down pillows make people feel as they are diving in cotton candy. Because they are not only soft and fluffy but also warm.

Whereas, despite feather pillows are usually flatter and crisper yet, some people prefer the firm support of this pillow.

Fill power

Fill power is the measurement of the amount of down in a pillow. It also represents how soft or fluffy a pillow will be. The greater the fill power the fluffier the pillow will be.

However, this measurement is not used for feather pillows.


If you prefer a more spacious and loftier pillow with super comfort, then down is a perfect choice for you. Because it has a three-dimensional clustered shape offering a fluffier pillow.

But, a feather pillow doesn’t have this type of benefits rather might have crispiness from the birds.


Down pillows are more costly than feather pillows due to their luxurious comfort and scarcity of feathers.

But, if you are on a budget, then a feather pillow will also just work right for you.


The down pillow usually springs back quickly whenever someone detaches their head from it. It might be compressed when you put your head to rest on it, but after detaching, it will come back to its original shape.

On the other hand, a feather pillow becomes flat quickly with time whereas a down pillow doesn’t.


As down pillows act as an insulator, it provides more warmth than a feather pillow which is great for cold weathers.

But, if you sleep hot, then I think feather pillows will be suitable for you as they don’t trap heat.


I hope you’ve found this content a helpful one. And now you know a lot about the down and feather pillow. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any more questions on, what is the difference between down and feather pillows?

So, what’s to wait for? Let’s shop for the right pillow that suits you the most.

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