Is Microfiber Good To Sleep On

Is Microfiber Good To Sleep On?

Looking for the right pillow that not only offers a pleasant sleep but also budget-friendly, is really challenging. But, if you look carefully you might find microfiber pillows just as your requirement!

So, you might want to know, is microfiber good to sleep on? Well, you should know that it has some benefits which might also include your health issue.

So, let’s jump into detail.

Is Microfiber Good To Sleep On: The Facts You Should Know

Take a look at the aspects that microfiber pillows provide and we will try to cover them in brief.

Lightweight and smooth

Microfiber is made of synthetic fiber, mainly from the polyester-nylon blend. Usually, microfiber is extremely thin which is as narrow as human hair. As a result, pillows that are made from microfibers are lightweight and fluffy.

As these pillows are very comfy to use, they can give you a pleasant sleep easing your workload burden. For being lightweight, you can easily carry them anywhere. Also, they can detain their form for a long time.


Some people are exceedingly allergic to dust mites or mold spores attached to pillows or bed sheets. Therefore, if the pillow carries allergens, it might cause them sneezing, scratchy throat, or sniffles.

So, for those sensitive allergy sufferer people, it is necessary to use hypoallergenic pillows for a cozy sleep. And microfiber pillows provide such aspects as they are resistant to allergens. It can also be treated as an antimicrobial object.


As microfibers are very thin material, they allow the air to flow through their bonded threads. As a result, they act as an insulator in cold temperatures. Also, they can remain chilly and refreshing in hot weather.

So, microfiber pillows are very breathable for their versatile characteristics. A lot of people tend to use this pillow over other types of pillows for their breathability.

Simple to clean

One of the benefits of using a microfiber pillow is that it is easier to clean than other pillows for its stain-resistant feature. Also, as it does not hold onto moisture, it dries quickly which makes it easy to clean.

However, one can also load them into washing machines and wash as well as dry them in a simple manner. Therefore, one can clearly see the easy laundering and maintenance of using a microfiber pillow.


If someone is on a budget to buy a quality and standard pillow, then microfiber is the best choice for them. They provide not only a comfortable sleep but also cost less than other pillows such as wool or cotton.

So, for pleasant sleep with great value, a microfiber pillow is a must.


So far we have learned the values that a microfiber pillow provides. And is microfiber good to sleep on? Yes, they are. In fact, this pillow solves some problems too, regarding health complications.

So, if you want to experience a comfortable sleep with a small budget, this pillow might be just right for you!

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