How To Wash Pillows Without A Dryer

How To Wash Pillows Without A Dryer?

As a human being, you have to take rest for a good amount of time. A pillow is helpful enough to get comfort while resting. And since you use pillows for a long time, these get dirty and require washing.

You can wash your pillow in different ways. Then you have to dry it up. For this purpose, you can air-dry it naturally or use a dryer.

I guess you currently possess no hair dryer. And that’s why you are looking for a perfect solution so that you can wash pillows without a dryer  .

Well, in this article, we are going to give you a complete guideline on how to wash pillows without a dryer. Let’s see

The process how to wash pillows without a dryer:

There are some easy steps of this process. And you have to follow these steps serially.

You can wash your pillow without a dryer in two ways. You can either use a washing machine or wash it by hand. Let’s get to know them in detail. 

Using Washing Machine:

Both front-loader and top-loader washing machines can be used to wash the pillow. Try to put more than one pillow inside the machine to balance the load.

Add regular detergent and adjust the setting according to the instructions on the label. You have to add one tablespoon detergent for each pillow. Set the machine to run through an extra rinse cycle and start it.

Washing Pillow By Hand:

Take any type of container. The container must be large enough to hold one or two pillows. Fill it with lukewarm water which will be helpful to clean dirt’s.

Add regular detergent and mix it firmly. Throw the pillow into the soapy water. Push it down and let it absorb the hot soapy water. Rub and squeeze the pillow and try to remove as much stains out as possible.

After that, you need to rinse the pillow with fresh water. Make sure that there are no suds left inside the pillow.

Dry Up The Damp Pillow:

Now, it is time to dry up the damp pillow. It is the most important and lengthy part of this whole process.

As you are not gonna use a dryer, you need to be very careful. For this, you have to take the pillow outside and hang it on the clothesline. If you don’t have a clothesline, put it on a flat surface and let it have a sunbath. Flip it after every hour. If it is mild weather, the pillow will get dry easily. 

In cold weather, keep your pillow  in a dry place  inside your house and let it dry up naturally. Flip the pillow frequently to ensure it is drying up evenly.

Push the pillow firmly from different angles and try to feel it. If you feel your pillow is not fully dried yet, repeat the last step.

Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]:

1.Can you air dry pillows?

Answer: Yes, you can. Bring it outside and lay it on a place where it can get the sunlight. You can also keep it in a dry place inside your room. The moisture of your pillow will evaporate naturally.

2. How do you dry a wet pillow?

Answer: There are two ways to dry a damp pillow. These are- 1. using a dryer, and 2. air-dry the pillow.

3. Does putting pillows in the dryer kill germs?

Answer: A dryer can kill germs significantly, if it is hot enough. Just select the high heat setting and let the wet pillow dry. Check after every 10 minutes to see it is fully dry.  

4. How do you dry a wet pillow without a dryer?

Answer: Hang the washed pillow to the clothesline. The water inside the pillow will fade away to the atmosphere. Fluff the pillow and turn the side after every hour.

Final Verdict:

Now, I think washing pillows without a dryer is not a tough task for you. From now on you can do it at home anytime.

I hope this article has given you a complete guideline on how to wash pillows without a dryer. Just apply these processes and get your pillows without a dryer. 

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