How To Wash Pillows By Hand

Pillow is a necessary item to support the body at rest. And I’m sure you spend a lot of time on different types of pillows.

As a consequence your pillows get dirty and need to be washed. Hence, you can wash most of the pillows by hand.

To properly wash your pillows by hand, you must have enough knowledge in this regard. I guess you have a very little idea regarding that. 

In this article, we have included all the information on how to wash pillows by hand.

Step-By-Step Guideline- How To Wash Pillows By Hand?

There are some specific steps that will ensure the proper cleaning of your pillow by hand. You have to follow these steps to clean your pillows perfectly.

Step 1:

You can wash any type of pillow by hand except the memory foam and latex pillow. To check whether it is washable or not, go through the label attached to the pillow.

Step 2:

Nowadays most people use a pillowcase or pillow protector to cover their pillow to keep it away from the dust. You must remove it before washing.

Step 3:

Take a container large enough to hold one or two pillows inside it. For this purpose, you can also use a sink, bathtub or a bucket . Fill the container with slightly hot water.

Note that too hot water can damage the fills of the pillow. And using cold water will not be helpful to clean the stains and dirts.

Step 4:

Now you need to add some detergent. You can use both the liquid and powder detergents. The amount of detergent should be one tablespoon for each pillow.

Mix it in the water so that it can spread evenly. Try to use low-sudsing detergent to easily rinse the pillow.

Step 5:

Put your pillow into the container. Push the pillow downwards so that it absorbs the hot water and detergent.

After that, massage and squeeze your pillow gently so that the soapy water can reach every layer of the pillow. Make sure you remove all the stains and dirt off the pillow surface.

Step 6:

Now it is time to rinse the wet pillow. Clear the soapy water out of the container. Add some fresh water. Push the pillow down and let it soak water.

Start to squeeze the pillow to get as much suds out as possible. You need to rinse the pillow repeatedly to ensure there is no soap left inside the pillow.

Step 7:

After rinsing the pillow, all you need to do is dry it up properly. For this, you can use a dryer or air-dry the pillow. 

To dry up the pillow using a dryer, you have to adjust the setting to no-heat air-dry. You should put one or two tennis balls or dryer balls inside the dryer. It will speed the process.

You can air-dry the pillow by taking it outside and hanging it on the clothesline. You need to ensure that it dries up evenly.

Step 8:

Now try to feel the pillow from different sides to make sure it’s fully dry. If you feel any dampness, redo the drying process and test the pillow afterwards.


I guess, now you have the idea of how to wash pillows by hand. Take all your dirty pillows and start washing.

And thus make sure you are sleeping on clean pillows. I hope these tips will be helpful for you to get nice and cleaned pillows.

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