What To Do With Old Pillows

Pillow is one of the most used household things in our day-to-day life. Like other household things, it gets old and also has a limit of expiry. According to the recommendation of the National Sleep Foundation, you should replace your pillow every one or two years.

And I guess, there are a few old pillows in your possession. But you don’t know what to do with old pillows.

Well, in this article, we have included all the information  that you need to know in this regard. Let’s start exploring. 

What To Do With Old Pillows: Some Creative Idea?

There are many ways to recycle or repurpose the old pillows. And these creative ideas will surely amaze you.  

Create floor pillow:

Floor pillows are really great for comfortable sitting. Making floor pillows is a creative and environment friendly idea to reuse old pillows. To make a floor pillow, you need a few old pillows. You can either use pre-made pillow covers or sew your own cover if you want to make a unique one. Fill the covers with 2 or more pillows. You can also fill it up by using only the stuff of the pillow.

Make new throw pillows:

Just buy some colorful fabrics. Create pillow covers with these according to the desired size and shape. Fill the cover with the old pillows. Then sew it up nicely. You can use stuffing of multiple pillows to make it extra fluffy .

Make kneeling pillow:

For some household works like gardening, scrubbing floors you need to be on your knees. It is a bit tough for you to stay on your knees for a long time. Hence, by creating a kneeling pillow with the old pillows you can easily lessen the pain. To make it more durable, use a sturdy pillowcase or an outdoor cover.

Create new bed for your pet:

All pets love to sleep on a soft surface. If your pet has an old bed, just give it a wash. Fill some extra stuffings from the old pillow to make it more comfortable.

You can also surprise your pet by making a new bed using those old pillows.

Make draft stopper for drafty doors and windows:

Draft stoppers are really efficient in saving energy and to maintain  a pleasant temperature. And making a draft stopper from the old pillows is a simple DIY project. 

Re-stuff lumpy pillows and old toys:

Use the stuffing of the pillows to fix the lumpy pillows and tired soft toys. Just remove the stuffing from the pillows. Fill the pillow or toy casing with the stuffing to bring it into good shape.

Use old pillows as packing materials:

If you want to move furniture or fragile materials to a distant place, then you must pack them carefully. Old pillows can be used as a packing filler in this regard. For this, you can either use the whole pillows or just the stuffing.

Donate your old pillows:

Most of the homeless shelters will not accept old pillows for hygiene issues. If your pillow is just old but still in good shape and offers comfort to the body, you can ask the local shelters about it.

You can also contact animal shelters and rehabilitation centers to donate old pillows.

Always try to wash the pillow properly before donating it.

Compost feather and down pillow stuffing:

The stuffing of feather and down pillows are compostable. Simply empty those stuffing into the compost bin. You can also use the pillow shells as cleaning rags. It will also cut the cost of buying cleaning towels.

Take those to a recycling facility:

Contact the textile or fabric recycling facilities near you and ask them if they accept old pillows as an item to recycle. These facilities use the fibres and fabrics and turn them into rags, mats and carpets.


I guess, now you have a clear idea on what to do with old pillows. As you can see all the ideas we shared are environment friendly.

What are you waiting for, take those old pillows and start showing your creativity (if possible). Try to donate your old pillows otherwise.

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