How To Display Pillows At A Craft Show

How To Display Pillows At A Craft Show?

I presume that you have set a mirror on your display booth, your business cards are in your hand, and after all, mentally you are all set to welcome the audience with a happy face. You are pretty much confident that crafts, colors, decorations, etc. will entice craft lovers. But pillows are yet to be decorated.

You want to display those in such a manner that will be both eye-catching and unique. Pillows are space-consuming but you want to save some space too. If that’s what you are going through, then let me suggest to you some distinctive ideas step by step so that you can make the right decision about displaying your pillows.

In this article on how to display pillows at a craft show, you will get to know some awesome tips. So, let’s start digging.

Pillow Display Place Selection:

If show organizers maintain standard regulations, probably you will get around 100 square feet to set up your booth, and outside displaying is off the table. 

Some free space at the center of your booth can make customers feel comfortable while browsing your crafts. That’s why using walls or corners of your booth for pillow displaying can be the right decision, but make sure that corners are easily accessible.

If you put a little more thought into it, then my friend, you can think of hanging your pillows elegantly from the roof, using jazzy ropes!!

Pillow Display Tools selection:

Spectacular display tools can provoke the audience to take a look at your pillows. You can choose according to your preference, both wooden and metal tools are available.

Tools that are used for creative and eye-catching pillow displays-

Display shelf & rack

If you don’t want to spend time on further thinking, just pay a visit to an online shop for pillow display racks and shelves & thank me later.


Simple wooden or paper boxes can be an outstanding way to display your pillows. Moreover, it’s more casual than shelves and racks.                              


All you need to do is arrange a movable stair and put the pillows on the steps, as simple as that!                                       


If you’re conscious about space management, you should go for ladders. A ladder of pillows always attracts the visitors.                                          


Rope shelves! Hanging pillows! Such a display will cost you almost nothing but can be an offering for customers’ eyes.

Wall hooks

The best use of your walls can be hooking pillows on them. This will serve your purpose in both wall decoration & pillow display simultaneously.                                  

Pillow Decoration Strategies:

Once you have decided on your display tools, put some thoughts on decoration too.

Have you ever made imaginary shapes out of clouds? You have, right?

Shapes have a profound impact on our behavior. So try to arrange pillows according to different shapes, that will catch the attention of the browser.

Try to decorate your display tool, perhaps with different objects such as flowers, birds, etc. That will add some visual attraction.


We are about to conclude our journey here. Hopefully, our article on how to display pillows at a craft show was helpful enough to give you proper ideas. 

By the way, I have found out that using a ladder as a pillow display tool is my personal favorite. It’s quite space-saving and distinctive too.

My second preference would be hanging pillows from the roof using jazzy ropes!!

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