Are Baby Pillows Safe For Newborns

Are Baby Pillows Safe For Newborns?

While looking after the newborn babies, the parents often get worried if the baby is sleeping properly. Also, are they comfortable with their bedding or pillows?

As a result, there arises the question, are baby pillows safe for newborns? The constant advertisements make them think about the false advantages that a baby pillow provides. However, they don’t even realize how dangerous a baby pillow could be!

So, let’s have some knowledge about the baby pillows.

Are baby pillows safe for newborns? [Beginner Guide]

Take a look on the following reasons how threatening a baby pillow can be.

It Can Cause The Baby Suffocate

Any parents would want their newborn baby to sleep in a comfortable way. But, relying on the baby pillow for extra comfort might put the baby in danger.

Every year over 3500 infants instantaneously die in their sleep due to accidental suffocation, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) of the US.

As baby pillows are made soft, so when you put your baby’s head on the pillow, it could sink the baby’s head increasing the risk of suffocation. Moreover, the baby’s nostrils can get forced, limiting the airflow.

It Increases The Danger Of SIDS

Baby pillows can also increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), says the Lullaby Trust. However, if the pillow is filled with sponge or polystyrene beads, it can come out loose accidentally, which can lead to gasping.

Similarly, if the baby is unable to turn his/her head to the side when spitting up milk or puking, it leads to SIDS.

It Can Cause Hyperthermia

Baby pillows are also the reason causing overheating as the pillow covers are not made of cotton but polyester. Moreover, this fabric can raise the temperature beneath the head and as a result, the body’s temperature fluctuates.

In the end, excessive heat and sweating might lead to hypothermia which is very lethal and threatening.

It Can Hurt The Neck

Most of the baby pillows are usually shaggy. So, they are not plain. As a result, if an infant is placed on that pillow, it might strain the neck while sleeping.

So, one can simply realize how dangerous a baby pillow could be.

It Can Develop The Flat Head Syndrome

If a baby sleeps for a long time on a soft baby pillow, the constant pressure of the pillow might lead to the flat head syndrome. So, it is necessary to put your baby’s sleep in a plain or flat place.

Therefore, parents should be careful to lay their baby on his/her back reducing the chance of structural deformities as well as SIDS.

Final Words

So far, we have learned a lot about how much life threatening a baby pillow is to newborns. There is no doubt about its risk.

So, I hope that after knowing everything any parent would never ask again, are baby pillows safe for newborns? After all, it is the parent’s responsibility to be more careful about their infants.

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