What Can I Use For A Meditation Pillows

What Can I Use For A Meditation Pillow?

Do you feel uncomfortable sitting while you meditate?

Perhaps, it’s your spine that isn’t getting enough support or your hip joints aren’t elevating enough and it’s time to use extra support.

However, as each person’s structure is different, not every type of yoga pillow is suitable for everyone. So, what can I use for a meditation pillows?

To know the answer, let me describe to you the types of some yoga pillows.

What Can I Use For A Meditation Pillows? [Effective Guide]

Let’s take a look at the following types.

Zafu Meditation Pillows

Zafus are the most standard and traditional pillows for meditation and yoga. Because they can raise your pelvis and upper body so that you can sit comfortably while you practice your meditation.

Moreover, for most people, they just do the job of supporting the knees and the proper elevation of the spine. But the idea is wrong. Always try to sit on the edge of zafu as it will give you a proper spinal alignment.

Zafu meditation pillows

V-shaped Meditation Pillows

If your hip joints rotate externally, then this type of pillow is ideal for you. Because, this pillow can support your entire leg and uplift your pelvis to lean forward.

Also, as this pillow is small in shape, so you can put this on your chair. But, you might find it uncomfortable if you can’t rest on your legs while practicing meditation.

Zen Pillow

The zen yoga pillow is a rectangular-shaped pillow that is the same as zafu but provides extra height under your pelvis. Moreover, it is great for those who struggle to sit on the floor by giving them the most elevation and stability.

However, for their shape and fullness some people, especially those of great height prefer zen pillow as it gives them the most support and height.

Zabuton Pillow

Zabuton is usually used with zafu or other sitting pillows. They are actually used for knee support.

However, when you practice meditating, sitting with proper posture for a long time might create additional pressure on your ankles and knees. But using zabuton pillows will hold these pressure areas giving you comfort and ease.

Zabuton pillow

Meditation Bench

Using a meditation bench is the same as using other yoga pillows. However, it’s main motive is to help you in your kneeling position while you meditate.

For those who find cross-legged positions uncomfortable, this bench will be really helpful for them.

Sukhasana Pillow

As these pillows are much smaller than other meditation pillows, they are really easy to travel with. Also, it can hold up your contour.

But, the problem with this pillow is, it cannot give your hip enough support like other meditation pillows.


So, we have learned enough about the kinds of meditation pillows. Therefore, I hope you will have no more doubt about what can I use for a meditation pillows.

Lastly, I also hope that the next time, when you will go for meditation, you will feel comfortable enough to practice your yoga positions.

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