How Do I Choose A Travel Pillow

With the development of transportation, nowadays most people are traveling more than before. So, they have to sleep during their journey.

As a result, people tend to prefer a comfortable nap on their trip which is why a travel pillow is a must travel accessory. But, how do I choose a travel pillow?

Well, there are plenty of options out there. But you only need to consider some major details!

How Do I Choose A Travel Pillow: Facts To Consider? Effective Ways

Take a look at the following key points while searching for a travel pillow.

Select The Correct Type Of Travel Pillow

There are mainly three types of travel pillows that are available in the market. If you are on a budget, then the inflatable travel pillows are the best option for you. They are usually u-shaped, affordable, portable, and lightweight, so travelers can easily pack the pillow with them.

However, the microbead travel pillows are filled with polystyrene beads instead of air. But they offer the least comfort and least portable options for travelers.

The memory foam travel pillows, on the other hand, provides the most comfortable and most convenient features which are transportable too. 

Select The Correct Type Of Travel Pillow

Check The Neck Support It Provides

When choosing a travel pillow, you should always consider if it can support your neck because this is one of the most important reasons that you are looking for it in the first place. 

However, just consider how you usually sleep and compare the pillow types that hold your neck best.

Pick The Right Fabric For Your Travel Pillow

As the inflatable travel pillows contain polyvinyl fabric which is a plastic material, some people find this pillow irritating. So, if your skin is sensitive to plastics, then the inflatable pillows are not for you.

Well, there is another choice for you if you look for a more comfortable one. And that is memory foam pillows. However, despite their soft fabric, if you don’t use them properly, they may cause you pain in the neck as they can easily slip from your head.

Examine The Durability Of Your Travel Pillow

If you are a frequent traveler, then you should consider the durability of your travel pillow. So, if you want to make it your constant companion then I think you should not worry about the price and quality.

Check the reviews of the available travel pillows in the market and choose the right one.

Size And Weight

The range in size and weight of travel pillows are huge. However, always opt for the compact and lightweight features.

Moreover, small and lightweight travel pillows not only save your luggage space but also make you travel light.


So, I think you got so many tips and ideas about travel pillows. I hope these tips will help on, how do I choose a travel pillow?

After all, who doesn’t want a sound sleep on their journey! Make the best use of your travel pillow by choosing the right one.

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